Sorry for not posting

Haven’t been doing much reading lately.  Work caught up with me and I recently opened up a new can of worms by investing time into learning how to play dungeons & dragons.  Maybe, I’ll blog about how my first game goes in the new year.  We will see, until then, probably won’t be doing any reading until the new year, probably over the summer break again.  Lots of love to everyone!  Happy new year.


Agony House Book Review

51ngaojkial-_sx329_bo1204203200_ Picked up this book from the young adult section at scholastic.  Had an intriguing description, using a combined comic book and literature type story to show progression.  It really piqued my interest.

This story follows the main character around at the house her parents bought in hopes of converting it into a bed and breakfast.  She quickly realizes that not only does this house need lots of renovating but it’s possible that something else resides there.  She and a friend, explore the house some more and find a mysterious comic book in the attic.  As they read the comic book, they find that incidents related to the comic book happen as well.  It is later found out that there are ghosts haunting the house.

This book is great for the audience, the young adult audience, as it’s a great mystery using a comic book to help its protagonists to solve it.  The book itself was a quick read and the art was beautifully done.  I’d recommend this book for the younger audience who can appreciate the use of the comic book for storytelling and progression.  

Deep Water Book Review


So, I’m back at it with my quick reads and reviews.  I picked up Deep Water by Watt Key from the young adult section of the scholatic book club finds.  I chose it because it had a shark on the back cover and I love sharks.  

This book reminded me of when I was in 6th grade reading The Hatchet, which followed a boy who was stranded after his plane crashing and only had a hatchet with him.  It was a survival type story and informational too, as you learn about some do’s and don’ts.  

This book follows Julia, a 12 year old who is staying with her father in Alabama.  He owns a dive shop and agreed to take clients to a secret dive location.  Once there, the father realizes he’s not feeling so well and sends Julia to escort their clients 105ft down.  As soon as she descends, she gets the feeling that something isn’t right.  When she and her clients resurface, the boat is gone and they are left floating in the open waters of the gulf.  Julia uses all she knows about bouyancy and sealife troubles to survive with her 2 clients.  

For a young adult book, this book was a quick but very interesting read.  Unfortunately, sharks popping up and becoming a danger only happens for a short part of the book, but the rest was still intriguing to read.  Julia’s character is smart and resourceful, she has a drive to live and thrive, which makes her character likeable.  I would recommend this book to other readers, especially those that want something similar to The Hatchet or just a survival book with a young protagonist.

Exiled Book Review

512tavsyu3l  Alright, finally I was able to finish this book, book 5 in the Talented Saga.  Here’s a link to read past reviews:  Talented Book 1Caged Book 2Hunted Book 3, and Created Book 4.  

I’ve been busy with work and the book itself was just dragging along.  So, quick intro:  this book doesn’t follow Talia, but instead follows Kenly around.  After the Created story, where Erik let Kenly go.  Kenly stows away in a hovercraft off to London.  There Kenly learns about how different talents are compared to chromes, in terms of lifestyle.  She quickly realizes that she is no longer safe as created are being captured by UNITED and chromes are being rounded up by poachers.  She makes friends in London who try to protect her and hide her from the poachers but unfortunately things escalate towards the end leading to Kenly’s capture and some of her friends being captured as well, prompting them to go through an awful auction process.

As I enjoyed reading about Talia, this book definitely took a change in pace.  Although Talia does make a quick appearance within the last few chapters.  I’d say this book was like a filler episode of our favorite show.  Luckily book 6 follows Talia again.  

I will hopefully post again soon, as I have picked up lots of new books to read.  So be on the lookout for my next book review.  

Mr & Mrs X #4 Comic Book Review

703307-_sx360_ql80_ttd_ So I know I’ve been a bit MIA for a while.  Haven’t been able to just sit down and read with the busy school year so far.  Also the Exiled book I’m reading, which is part of the talented series has been so hard to get through since they changed the main character.  So hang in there with me.

I just got my hands on this comic.  It picks up from where Rogue and Gambit have been captured.  If you haven’t read my last review, here it is:  Mr. & Mrs. X #3.  Gambit apparently was checked multiple times as his file lists him as an escape artist.  Unfortunately for the Shi’ar, Rogue was hiding the lockpick the entire time.  They make their escape and manage to get Xandra back.  Then they cross paths with the Starjammers.  But of course, this freedom only lasts for so long when the Shi’ar are on their tail again.  The comic ends where Rogue disappears in a boom.

This can’t be the end for my favorite superhero.  So we’ll have to wait and find out later on in November.  Support your local comic book shop!

Mr. & Mrs. X #3 Comic Book Review


Alright so we pick back up from where Mr & Mrs X #2, the egg isn’t another clone of Rogue but instead an engineered child of Lilandra and Professor X.  Deathbird is after the egg and Gambit drags Deadpool along to stop Deathbird from following them.  The 4 page fight scene with Gambit and Deadpool is amazing.  Then someone else completely steals the egg.

Have to wait and find out how the next issue turns out as Rogue and Gambit were unfortunately captured.  Until next time, and support your local comic book shop.

Bilingual Support Room


So, I’m sorry this week was a bit busy for me.  The school has me testing all of the bilingual students in grades 1-5 as I am the bilingual support teacher.

I provide support to bilingual classroom teachers with a focus on writing to prepare our bilingual population for the NYSELAT exams, which requires them to prove their proficiency level in English in Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening by pushing into classrooms to provide my services.  So this here is my little room, which is the most organized I have ever been.  

This week I have to continue with reading testing, but I hope I can finish the book I’m working on before Monday’s post.   So keep a look out and happy reading.